Hoteliers have reduced prices for tourists

Last chance for a sea on our Black Sea coast. Hoteliers have reduced prices for tourists. Offers for BGN 10 per night can be found if we book for the middle of September, Telegraf reports.

One of the three-star hotels in the resort has lowered the prices of the night from BGN 25 to BGN 16.90 per person for accommodation between September 10 and 20. For comparison - during the high season in July and August the night was approximately twice as expensive - BGN 32.80 per person, and was reduced from BGN 100.

Another family three-star hotel in Saint Vlas offers accommodation in a double room for BGN 17.50 per person in the period from 8 to 14 September. For the first week of September the price was a bit higher - BGN 25 per person.

In both hotels the only attraction is the outdoor pool. They also offer parking, but with a limited number of parking spaces. Cheap late sea can be booked in Sunny Beach. A three-star hotel in the resort offers accommodation for BGN 23.90 per person in the period September 10 - October 3. The price includes breakfast. If we are based on all-inclusive, the price is already BGN 41.90 per person. The hotel offers various extras - in addition to the pool, sunbeds and umbrellas, if available, there is also a gym, playground, badminton court, table tennis. The use of the parking lot is again on the principle "until the places are exhausted".

Meanwhile, Plamen Kopchev - chairman of the Union of Owners in Sunny Beach, announced to BGNES that our largest resort lowers the prices of accommodation in the so-called low season by 30-40%. Despite the cheap holiday, which is offered in September, however, there are no tourists.

"We have a sharp drop in bookings for September after the introduction of the mandatory PCR test for Romanian tourists. For the weekend around the Union we will have Bulgarian tourists, but then bookings fall sharply. After September 15, hotels that opened this season begin to close. September will close all. This summer they opened 50-60% of the bases, "Kopchev commented.

In some hotels in Sunny Beach prices have fallen by as much as 60%.

"We are lowering by almost 60%. If so far we have sold for BGN 100 per night, now 40 if we take, it will be good, but you see - there are no people. We have reduced the prices and will lower them more. At the moment our offers are for the middle in September and there we are already falling around BGN 40. This includes accommodation plus full all-inclusive ", commented the hotelier Rumen Monchev, whose hotel is on the first line.

The sharp decline in reservations in September is also due to the alarming trend with the jump of those infected with COVID-19. According to hoteliers, people are afraid to travel.

We find accommodation for BGN 10.

South of Bourgas, prices are also falling sharply. In the camping "Garden" from 1 to 8 September the prices of the bungalows are reduced by 30%, and after the holidays they fall by another 10%. Autumn sea accommodation can be found for BGN 10 per night.

The Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber announced that the growth of tourists on the Southern Black Sea coast was 157% compared to last year.