Dionysian days Tsarevo 2021 with KiwiBg

KiwiBg will participate in the Dionysian Days Tsarevo 2021 on August 20, 21 and 22.

KiwiBg is a small family owned farm in foot of Belasitsa Mountain in the region of Petrich town. The tradition of growing and caring kiwifruit  dated from 1978. The farm on its five thousands square metres of organic plantations is specialized in growing kiwifruit genus of Aktinidia.

KiwiBg is the first farm in Bulgaria which processes and produces variety of kiwi products such as marmalade/jam, natural and dried fruit, fruit tea and kiwi chocolate. 

We offer our clients a limited edition of cosmetic product from kiwifruit - natural body care soap based on combination of extract of kiwifruit and organic essential oils. 

We firmly believe that our most important aim is to popularize good and health food. Our products are free from preservatives, additivities, chemical crops and parabens. 

For more information about the farm and our products, please visit our website www.kiwibg.com